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Support Maintenance Solutions

Large enterprises make significant investment in IT infrastructure and solutions over a period of time which spans various departments and operations in the company. Maintenance cost involved in operating and supporting these applications are sky rocketing exponentially over time as availability of resources to take care of operations has become increasingly scarce. This forces companies to divert their focus to maintaining these applications as opposed to focusing on their core business operations.

At Dwellabs, we empower the companies by supporting the maintenance and operations of applications that are expensive and risky for the enterprises to manage internally. We have over a period of time, established processes that are tuned to rapidly understand the application state as it stands, document processes and fabricate methods to ensure that investment in these systems are derived to the utmost. Ability to understand risks and having strategies to mitigate these risks is built into our maintenance solutions so that companies can progress on tasks and operations more critical in nature.

Our solution offering in maintaining applications are onsite, near shore or offshore based on the criticality of the application and established norms by the companies. Our solutions support group will provide you with information required in making choices with the knowledge of the advantages, disadvantages, cost and benefits associated with each of our various support models and what they have to offer. Our communication infrastructure is geared to handle support operations 24/7 so that companies can focus on core business. We provide long term and lasting value to the enterprises by ensuring that any transition from older technologies can happen seamlessly so that operations can continue with as little as possible interference from IT. Our maintenance offering is tuned to provide support to applications as long as companies can derive value from the established systems in place.