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Enterprise Application Integration

The engineering group in Dwellabs is comprised of multifaceted team of skilled software professionals experienced in engineering analysis, design, development, automation and product development to the needs of the customer in various industry segments. The WS-SAG is involved in reviewing and mentoring our software engineering professionals in various engineering disciplines throughout the employee’s career with the company. Constant retraining on various technology areas are conducted so that each professional is kept abreast of the current changes in their technology area. In addition, WS-SAG coordinates the effort to maintain the Software Library of reusable routines, tools and frameworks so that implementation across projects happens in a consistent manner. Software Engineers share these libraries across projects there by reducing the time to develop and test applications. At Dwellabs, we bring three things to the table for all our customers

  • Engineering and software expertise
  • Tried and tested management processes to deliver services
  • Our commitment to produce solutions that work for our customers

LQ IT Service’s Engineering resources are trained and qualified to work with most of the industry standard tools and techniques. For problems with more well defined objectives and expectations, like reengineering projects from older technologies with subtle of fewer changes in functionality a more traditional waterfall method is employed and for projects where the requirements and objectives change rapidly over the course of the project, a iterative development approach is adopted.